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ORO Sterilization Indicator Tape

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Indicator Tape provides immediate identification of processed items and can be used to seal sterilization tubing and wraps.

Indicator color will change (turns dark), verifying exposure to completion of sterilization process.

The tape will indicate when sterile condition have been attained (275°F / 135°C).

Extra adhesive tape is provided to fix on all types of paper and plastic.

Self-adhesive tape with impregnated paper backing appropriately made for closing packaging which contains materials have to be exposed to steam autoclave sterilization process, and for distinguishing the processed packs from the unprocessed. The main idea of using the indicator tapes becomes mandatory when the special instruments, sterilization cassettes, Endo organizers could not be accommodated in the readymade sterilization pouches. A special reagent ink printed on its surface changes from white to brown when exposed to the steam sterilization cycle. A special adhesive formulated to withstand high temperature and humidity, ensures excellent bond to paper, plastic, nonwovens, board and the other material used in this field applications. More over the Self-adhesive tape in combination with non-woven fabric works out economic compared to sterilization pouches.

* 1 roll - 19mm x 5000mm (50m)

Category: Sterilization