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Relaxus Twist & Dry Quick Dry Hair Towel

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Relaxus Twist & Dry Quick Dry Hair Towel dries hair faster than ordinary towels. Perfect for travel, small and lightweight.

Product Features
Water-wicking - Dries hair faster than ordinary towels
Lifestyle-friendly - Saves you time and saves your hair
Smart design - Turban-style and button closure keeps hair securely in place*
Friction-free - Ultra-soft microfibre minimizes frizz and breakage*
Perfect for travel - Conveniently small and lightweight
Measures 23" x 10"
Material: 80% polyester and 20% nylon*
Machine wash, hang to dry
Available in 3 colors
How to use
Flip hair forward
Wrap turban around the hair
Twist and secure loop around the button
Escape blow-drying hair for good with Relaxus Twist & Dry Quick Dry Hair Towel.
Category: Hair Care